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There's no denying that the Internet and social media have changed the way people shop.
With thousands of new websites going online every day, the range of fashion choices is infinitely multiplied. Getting your online shop noticed is a challenge in itself and creating a buzz for your products can seem like a nightmare.

TagMyStyle.com makes searching for fashion fun, while branding your products at the same time.
It is the first social media tool especially designed for fashion marketing.
By gamifying your content, you can engage users around your products and with our built-in loyalty program you can reward your customers with loyalty points and badges. The better they play, the more points they earn to win prizes, discounts, and coupons. They can even compete with other fashionistas for the highest score.

We've integrated TagMyStyle.com with the biggest social media tools like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest to take advantage of their huge volume of daily visitors and so users can share the game with their friends. This way, your products will automatically get shared, which will put your products into the spotlight and cause them to be further shared with many friends and acquaintances through viral marketing. Your product also provides a direct link to your website and product page so users can make purchases. You not only create a buzz around your products, you bring in new customers too.

With TagMyStyle.com you can:
  • Increase social sharing by infusing fun and rewards
  • Bring in quality traffic to your shop
  • Engage users around your products by gamifying the content
  • Increase repeat and new sales through our in-built loyalty program for sharing and engaging

TagMyStyle.com is THE best form of marketing to help businesses generate awareness and curiosity for new fashion products and find new customers, all by using the power of social media gaming.


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